Heresy Crinkle Shirt


Heresy continue their decade-long world building mission with their latest lore inspired collection “Archivist”. taking influence from the thriving resurgence of folk sounds between 1960’s and early 80’s. The season is jam packed with audiophile references of the folk-revival and neo-folk pioneers. We have accompanied Heresy’s SS24 with a musical journey that we feel perfectly encapsulates what the lore-heads are upto this season.

The Crinkle Shirt from Heresy does exactly what it says on the tin. This might sound odd, but stick with me.. With the look of tree bark, but the hand feel of a puckered seersucker, this summer ready shirt has all the go-to’s for an essential Short Sleeve. Boxy, airy and with just enough subtle details to the Heresy heritage. It’s a no-brainer

  • 46% Polyester, 54% Cotton
  • Biscuit colourway
  • Made in China

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