Mount Sunny “Yin Return” Body Balancing Blend


Mount Sunny is a modern wellness studio based out of Pheonix Arizona founded by Shelby & Spencer Ramirez. The space is centred around ancient healing practices and philosophies of traditional chinese medicine, focusing on acupuncture and cupping. With Shelby’s background in eastern medicine and Spencer’s in fashion, Mount Sunny creates Body Balancing blends and clothing to give this ancient medicine a modern home.

Created by in-house licensed herbal practitioner Shelby, the Body Balancing Blends target the body’s immune system, energy levels, and stressors by combining adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms that have been deemed safe for every day, regular use.


Yin Return is formulated to ease menstrual discomfort and bring regularity to your cycle. The herbs in this formula allow you to move with the natural flow of your body and not against it by targeting pain, irregularity, and emotional stagnation. Return to you.

Formulated to help with:

  • Regulate your cycle⁣
  • Ease period cramps⁣
  • Promote fertility⁣
  • Ease PMS symptoms⁣
  • Relieve stress and irritability⁣
  • Reduce headaches⁣
  • Build and replenish lost blood


  • Ashwagandha Root(shui qie)
  • Angelica Root (dang gui)
  • Rehmannia Root (shu di huang)
  • Peony Root (bai shao)
  • Rosebud (mei gui hua)

Take two (2) capsules, twice a day, after eating. Store in a cool and dry place.

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