Abode Radio: Jordan Hearns

We link up prolific activist, artist & DJ, Jordan Hearns for the third instalment of Abode Radio. Jordan, who is a mainstay for Irish culture, plays in some of the best clubs in Ireland and has a regular slot on DDR. With work featured on I-D, Sabukaru and District to name a few, is there anything this guy can’t do?

JM: So Jordan, talk us through the vibe of the tracks you selected.

JH: I love an emotive track – something lush, sultry, sweet, tender and groovy all in one. A genre defiant list, this playlist has tracks for all of the above. With everything from Elton John to Armand Van Helden (and a ton of golden era Boogie/Disco mixed in), thank me later for putting ye on!

JM: Still waiting for indoor nightlife to return. I’m sure you have visualised your first night back on the dancefloor; Whats the venue and what are we wearing?

JH: Oh god, tough question! First night back, and every other night for that matter, I’m front left, dancing for Ireland. I want maximum comfort for maximum movement. Venue wise, the obvious answer is Jigsaw, though that’s not possible now..

But regardless of the club, the first night back fit is simple – my now-signature Nike Waffle Trainer 2s, navy baggies, white tank, an over shirt, like a work shirt or something, and my assorted jewellery. Halfway through I can ditch the shirt and have no restrictions. Gotta give the boys something to look at!

JM: Your photography work documents club culture and its importance. What’s projects have you lined up when dance floors are full again.

JH: Can’t say much currently but more will be revealed late October…!

JM: And finally, what’s the first and last track you have lined up for your first gig back?

JH: If I step foot into a club post Covid and hear anything but straight up belters, there’ll be war. I’m keeping it bumpy and bouncy, ensuring maximum NRG.

First track is X-Coast – Track 2
Last track is Josh Wink – Higher State of Consciousness (Dex & Jonesey’s Higher Stated Mix)

Hard hitters front to back!

Have a look at Jordans work here . Want more music? check our last mix with Eric Davidson