Abode Radio 006: Daniel Young

Selector and Iris co-founder Daniel Young picks some tracks to get us through the January blues.

JM: Talk us through the vibe of your picks.

DY: I’ve been playing out and about recently, and it’s pretty much made up of staples from my bag. I try and keep things Balearic but this selection is a pretty good representation of my musical taste, it has some world music and dub in there amongst others. I had to limit myself to one Doom track and obviously, I had to get Belfast in there!

JM: You are launching a new magazine store, Iris, whats the idea behind it, and what can we expect?

DY: Iris came about quite organically, and I guess ultimately it’s a passion project. Me and Aoife (Co-Owner of Iris) both collect magazines and we just kept coming back to the conversation that there was nowhere local that we could get the magazines we loved and knew there were others that felt the same. We wanted to make the magazines we loved more accessible to others who maybe have never seen them before. Aoife is an amazing designer, and within days of deciding we were committed to the project, she had a name and branding completed. It’s all been so quick since then. We’re now fully stocked, launching our website at the end of the month and we’re doing our first market in Dublin. You can expect an eclectic mix, ranging from Japanese titles to design classics right through to kids magazines. Something for everyone hopefully.

JM: And what mag are you most excited to share?

DY: For me, it’s magazine B Guinness and Snow Peak. Pint of plain and Japanese fashion/lifestyle? Hard to beat. Huge fan of the Go Out Urban Outdoor Style Book too. Some serious inspiration in there.

JM: Belfast has a thriving cultural scene, do you notice many similarities and differences between Belfast and Dublin?

DY: Yeah, Belfast is really on the rise. We have so much good stuff going on, and I’ve found it’s continued to grow, especially in the last few years. As a local, it’s great to see so many new things, especially independents open. For example, I would have spent a lot of time in Dublin buying music as I couldn’t find anything I was looking for, so when my friend Marion opened Sound Advice, it was a huge indication of the direction we’re going in. I spend so much time between the two and there are definitely differences but I think both have communities with a great appetite for creativity and change. Dublin is one of my favourite places, and every time I’m here I seem to find something new that I love.

You can check out Iris for more info on website launch